Accessible PDFs from InDesign, 2-day Masterclass


This two-day (or four half-day) course is designed for graphic designers, typesetters and anyone else wishing to create fully accessible PDFs from InDesign. It covers not only the technical aspects of accessible document production but also a wide range of accessible content creation techniques, including key Adobe Illustrator techniques. It also includes sections on essential finishing using Acrobat Pro, and how to test, using multiple assistive technologies, to ensure that your PDFs are fully accessible.

Please note: at a minimum, a basic knowledge of the fundamentals of InDesign is required in order to get the best from this course.

Core topics

  • Workflow and how to approach the process of making PDFs accessible
  • Overview of the WCAG standard and how it relates to document production
  • Creating accessible document structure with headings, lists, links, tables, etc
  • Creating accessible numbered paragraphs
  • Creating accessible internal and external links
  • Creating accessible footnotes (3 methods) and endnotes (2 methods), pros and cons
  • Colour contrast, tools and techniques
  • Colour blindness, tools and techniques
  • Designing tables for accessibility and usability
  • How to write appropriate text alternatives for images, charts and infographics
  • Using Adobe Illustrator to optimise infographics, charts and other complex images for  literacy software users
  • Creating accessible infographics, charts, diagrams etc directly in InDesign
  • Text formatting and Unicode issues
  • Accessible fonts: main characteristics
  • How (and how not) to design accessible navigation: bookmarks, tables of contents, page numbering, and “interactive PDFs”
  • Setting reading order for both screen readers and for literacy software
  • Techniques for avoiding inaccessible backgrounds
  • Managing multiple language content
  • Accessible forms, including essential JavaScript techniques for WCAG 2.1 and 2.2 compliance (no programming skills required)
  • Document management
  • Essential finishing techniques using Acrobat Professional
  • Testing against standards, with automated accessibility checkers, and with multiple assistive technologies


  • Participants: we recommend a maximum of six
  • Duration: two full days, or four half days
  • Prerequisites: at a minimum, a basic knowledge of the fundamentals of InDesign is required in order to get the best from this course

Client testimonials

Washington University in St. Louis

As an office, we struggled to find something that could clearly outline how to make PDF accessible documents. We came across a couple pre-recorded trainings but wanted to find a live course where we could ask questions on things that were relevant to our work process. That’s when we came across Ted’s training through ADD. Everything about the course was wonderful. Not only did it cover what we thought we needed to learn, he informed us of so much more that we needed to do! All of his information was very digestible and easy to understand. He always made sure we felt comfortable with what was taught before moving on to the next item. There was a lot of valuable information, and the manual is a great reference for things we might forget along the way. We 100% recommend this course to anyone working in InDesign and Illustrator. Thank you Ted, you’re a wealth of knowledge!
Kayse Larkin, Senior Graphic Designer, Washington University in St. Louis, USA

Nectar Creative

As professionals in the design field, we thought we had a good understanding of accessibility, but this course opened our eyes to a whole new level of knowledge. Ted was not only knowledgeable but also skilled in delivering the content in an engaging and practical manner. We now feel equipped with a toolkit of techniques and strategies that we can apply to make digital content more inclusive and user-friendly for all. Highly recommended!
Rob Hulley, Nectar Creative, UK

University of California in San Francisco

I am so grateful to Ted for leading this course. As a frequent InDesign user new to accessibility practices, finding reliable, well-tested information has been incredibly difficult. In addition to the engaging lectures, Ted packaged everything into an approachable, user-friendly manual I still reference in my work. I recommend this course to any team curious about how they can make their design work more accessible for all. It’s truly invaluable to have access to a professional who has specialized in this skillset.
Shelby Ashbaugh, Graphic Designer, University of California in San Francisco, USA

In searching the internet for a class on PDF accessibility using InDesign, I found very few in-depth course offerings. I am so glad I found Ted’s class through ADD! Ted covers all the things I’d been struggling with in InDesign setup and some issues in PDF remediation as well. I appreciated the 4-hour/day format because I find it challenging to absorb 8 hours of new information in a day. Ted made the information digestible through his thoughtful and organized materials and delivery. The manual is a great reference now after the course that I refer to when I don’t remember what to do. I would 100% recommend this course to folks who use InDesign. So much is demystified.
Kerstin Svendsen, Graphic Designer, University of California in San Francisco, USA

McLellan Design

I would thoroughly recommend this course. Ted covers everything you need to know about creating accessible PDFs with InDesign in a straightforward and methodical way. The exercises and examples he provides help to underline each lesson so that you truly learn as you go. With such a comprehensive course there is a lot to take in, but the detailed manual gives reassurance that if you forget something, it is all there to refer to. This course has given me the tools to offer a better service to my clients. Thank you Ted, for making the world of accessibility more accessible!

Mairi McLellan, McLellan Design, UK


Your training on accessible report design was exceptional! It was evident that you possess a deep understanding of inclusive practices and a passion for creating accessible content. The way you presented the information was clear, engaging, and easy to follow. The practical examples and hands-on exercises allowed us to apply the concepts in real-time, enhancing our learning experience. Your expertise in addressing accessibility barriers and providing solutions was invaluable. You created a positive and inclusive environment, fostering active participation and encouraging questions. This training has equipped us with the necessary skills and knowledge to create reports that are inclusive, user-friendly, and accessible to all. Thank you for an outstanding learning opportunity!

Aislinn Mulligan, Creative Campaigner, Greenpeace, London, UK

Government Communication Office of the Republic of Slovenia

Before starting the course, I was afraid that I would not understand it well because English is not my primary language. However, Ted’s lectures were so clear and structured that there was no need to worry. He answered all the questions asked and his script is very well prepared. One of the best lectures I attended. Ted is a great lecturer and I’m glad I chose him.

Irena Kogoj, Government Communication Office of the Republic of Slovenia

Waters Creative

After searching the internet finding so much conflicting information about accessibility requirements it was great to have all the information and guidance we’d ever need in one place, provided and delivered by Ted at a very logical, understandable level and pace that we felt comfortable with. The training was thorough and relevant, with lots of real life examples which made it easier to relate to in our day to day work. Our whole team benefitted considerably from it. This course is an absolute must for any creative agency working with clients in both the public and private sectors to create any publications and all types of forms.

Rachael Wheatley, Director, Waters Creative, UK

Thomson Reuters

The workshop was extremely insightful and well worth the time and cost. I’ve attended subsequent webinars regarding accessibility, and I found that this workshop was much more helpful than the other webinars I’ve attended. Would absolutely recommend this to anyone working with InDesign in electronic print.

Jamie Soule‑Vinova, Senior Content Specialist, Thomson Reuters, USA

Wellcome Trust

We loved training with Ted! He took a very complicated task and broke it down for us into a comprehensive step by step process. Ted also took plenty of time to answer all our questions and adapt his teaching to help us get to grips with specifics in InDesign and Word. Ted is hugely experienced in this field and we would definitely recommend his training sessions to anyone wanting a comprehensive and in depth understanding of everything you need to consider. We finished feeling fully informed on all aspects of making our documents accessible.

Gale Foster, Creative Lead, Wellcome Trust, London UK


Our team made the right decision to do the accessibility training with Ted, even though it meant staying late due to the time difference with Australia. Not only that Ted is a gun at what he does, we also love his passion to advocate for people with disability. We absolutely love the course and it definitely opened our eyes as to what an accessible document entails. Our decision to do this course expanded our knowledge, as well as earning brownie points with our clients. We definitely wouldn’t hesitate to work again with Ted should the opportunity arise.

Felicia Novina, Account Manager, ERD, Melbourne, Australia

Visually Thinking

I am giving Ted Page and his accessibility classes a rave review and excellent marks on the evaluation. His training and instructors are second to none! Ted did an outstanding job pacing everything, seamlessly walking us through a breadth of information, and addressing our (endless) questions. I was very impressed, not only with his knowledge on the matter but also, with how cleverly he included lots of interesting related facts & funny anecdotes. The manual, which we received prior to the course, is an easy-to-read and detailed “bible” that explains how to get accessibility of information in publications right. I highly recommend!

Agnieszka Eva Juszczyk, Founder & Graphic Designer, Visually Thinking, Denmark


Really enjoyed the training, having been using Google in an attempt to self-teach myself – this course showed me the correct way to do things and answered lots of questions, it also assured me that some of what I was doing was right and the areas where my knowledge was lacking! I liked the mix of theory and practical, the background and ‘rules’ around accessibility, mixed with the ‘how do you do…’ it was a good balance. The trainer was friendly and extremely knowledgeable – he certainly knows his stuff!

Rachel Horsfall, Creative marketing designer, Jisc, UK


An intensive full day course with a very knowledgeable teacher. When I saw that the class was 8 hours, I assumed that we would not need all the time allocated… How wrong I was! We worked flat out with only short breaks, it was the most intense training course I’ve had in years. And it was excellent. Ted did a great job of covering a huge amount of information in a digestible way. I really felt it was great value and I learned a huge amount.

Rebecca Woodall, Head of Design, Bluefrog Fundraising

Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority

Incredibly useful courses. All the elements were explained really clearly and the manuals provided are a great resource.

Danielle Vincent, Communications Manager, Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, UK


Ted’s knowledge and experience in the industry is incredible and so too was his ability to make an otherwise complex subject matter exciting and interesting. Thank you.

Julia Mclellan, CalMac, Digital Content Executive, Glasgow, Scotland


I was a little daunted at the prospect of a full day’s course on creating accessible PDFs from InDesign, but I needn’t have worried. The process was interesting and thorough covering every aspect in a clear and simple way. The additional materials that you take away are invaluable with step by step instructions to follow. Ted’s experience is excellent and made what at times is a very complex process so much clearer.

The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association

It is always a pleasure to work with Ted. There is nothing he doesn’t know about making communications accessible. He willingly shares his knowledge and expertise and has been an invaluable support to my team. He has helped us out on many occasions with tight deadlines and the standard of his work is always of the highest quality.

Terry Rattray, Creative Services Manager, The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, UK

Welsh Government

Ted was very thorough and covered every topic I hoped he would. [The training] has boosted my confidence when dealing with accessibility in InDesign and in Acrobat.

Victoria Griffiths, Graphic Designer, Welsh Government

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