A–Z indexing

The solution to inaccessible documentation can be as simple and low-tech as making a better index… With proper indexing, ten per cent more effort will double the accessibility of information.

William Horton, A quick (and not too dirty) fix for online documentation, in Technical Communication

Why index?

A well-crafted, interactive A–Z index provides an alphabetical collection of links to topics, concepts, and relevant names and places within a document. As such, it provides a way of navigating content that other methods, such as tables of contents, bookmarks or full text search cannot. Nevertheless, indexes remain perhaps the best kept secret of accessible document navigation.

Our services

We provide the following services: 

  • Creating accessible, embedded indexes in PDFs (linking to page, paragraph or word/phrase)
  • Creating accessible, interactive indexes in InDesign for PDF or EPUB
  • Editing ebook indexes to the EPUB Indexes 1.0 specification

I wish you would let me sort your papers for you, uncle,” said Dorothea. “I would letter them all, and then make a list of subjects under each letter.

George Eliot. Middlemarch.