Accessible PDF forms

Online training

Please note that this course is now available online/remotely. Please call us on 01932 355 222 or 07918 952 874 or email for details.


This course covers all aspects of creating accessible PDF forms, using Adobe InDesign and/or Acrobat Pro, from design and layout issues to tagging, scripting and testing. It is based on more than 13 years’ experience of accessible PDF form creation, including tagging and testing thousands of PDF-based national exam papers.

 Example completed form from this course (PDF 92KB)

Core topics

  • Optimising layouts for accessibility and usability
  • Creating accessible text fields, radio buttons, check boxes, dropdowns and buttons
  • Tab order
  • Tagging
  • Reading order(s)
  • Using simple scripts to enhance accessibility and usability (continuation pages, enhanced navigation)
  • Validation (email fields, empty fields, NI numbers, phone/mobile numbers and more)
  • Maximising efficiency using the MadeToTag™ InDesign plug-in  (optional)
  • Standards compliance
  • Testing with multiple assistive technologies


  • Audience: anyone wishing to create accessible interactive PDF forms using InDesign and/or Acrobat Professional
  • Participants: we recommend a maximum of 6
  • Duration: variable according to clients’ requirements
  • Prerequisites: none—although the course includes some basic scripting, no prior scripting knowledge is assumed or required

Client testimonials

A huge thanks to Ted and the team for their ongoing guidance and support as we look to modernise our suite of forms to ensure they are fully accessible now and can be easily maintained for the future. My team and colleagues were not only impressed by the training and support Ted provided, which has equipped them with the technical and theoretical knowledge to drive our programme of changes forward, but by the infectious enthusiasm he displayed as an advocate for accessible design and the good practise which improves inclusion across public services.

Lesley Raybould – Online Services Manager, Student Loans Company

It was a long way to travel for a course [Canada to London] but well worth it.

Tim Morrow, President, Nimbus Business Intelligence Solutions, Ontario

Ted’s expert knowledge proved invaluable in providing us with an understanding of not only how to use the tools within Adobe Acrobat Professional to create accessible PDF forms, but more importantly the concepts behind accessibility and how screen readers work with such software. The style of the training was relaxed and we were able to ask questions throughout. This is an excellent training course, which we would highly recommend. Thank you Ted!

Jacqui Cuthbert, University of Bradford