PDF accessibility remediation

We will make your PDFs accessible to the highest possible standards. We have an unrivalled depth of knowledge and experience in the field, and are the UK’s longest-established provider of PDF accessibility services.

Testing and benchmarking

Our quality control procedures are second to none. As standard we test with a range of assistive technologies, each of which can inform the way a PDF should be tagged or otherwise edited for accessibility. Our test set up includes: 

  • Screen readers: JAWS (versions 9 to 2020/Fusion), NVDA 
  • Screen magnifiers: ZoomText (versions 11 to 2020/Fusion), SuperNova, MAGic 
  • Literacy software: Read&Write Gold 12 (PDF Reader) and 11 (PDF Aloud) , Claro Read
  • Speech recognition: Dragon Naturally Speaking

PDF accessibility help desk

We now offer, via Zoom or Skype, a PDF accessibility help desk. We can help with any PDF accessibility problem, no matter how large or small.

Accessible PDF forms

We have particular experience and expertise in making PDF forms accessible, including, to date, almost 3,000 GCSE exam papers.
Example accessible PDF form (PDF 92KB)