Thomson Reuters

This workshop was extremly beneficial and in depth. Ted covered everything from basic functions in InDesign, to creating a gold standard accessible PDF. I really appreciate all the time and effort he has put in to his work. I enjoyed Ted’s teaching method, as well as how open and receptive to questions and feedback he was during both training sessions. He was willing to answer our questions, and show us how to do tasks that weren’t necessarily in the manual. I think this workshop was truly fantastic. I can’t say enough how much I valued this experience.

Kayla Cota, Senior Content Specialist, Thomson Reuters

European Disability Forum

Ted Page delivered fantastic and fast work in making our human rights report accessible to people with disabilities. We will for sure continue working with him and his colleagues in the future.

An‑Sofie Leenknecht, Human Rights Coordinator, EDF, Brussels

The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association

It is always a pleasure to work with Ted. There is nothing he doesn’t know about making communications accessible. He willingly shares his knowledge and expertise and has been an invaluable support to my team. He has helped us out on many occasions with tight deadlines and the standard of his work is always of the highest quality.

Terry Rattray, Creative Services Manager, The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association


Our team made the right decision to do the accessibility training with Ted, even though it meant staying late due to the time difference with Australia. Not only that Ted is a gun at what he does, we also love his passion to advocate for people with disability. We absolutely love the course and it definitely opened our eyes as to what an accessible document entails. Our decision to do this course expanded our knowledge, as well as earning brownie points with our clients. We definitely wouldn’t hesitate to work again with Ted should the opportunity arise.

Felicia Novina, Account Manager, ERD, Melbourne, Australia


Really enjoyed the training, having been using Google in an attempt to self-teach myself – this course showed me the correct way to do things and answered lots of questions, it also assured me that some of what I was doing was right and the areas where my knowledge was lacking! I liked the mix of theory and practical, the background and ‘rules’ around accessibility, mixed with the ‘how do you do…’ it was a good balance. The trainer was friendly and extremely knowledgeable – he certainly knows his stuff!

Rachel Horsfall, Creative marketing designer, Jisc

Bluefrog Fundraising

An intensive full day course with a very knowledgeable teacher. When I saw that the class was 8 hours, I assumed that we would not need all the time allocated… How wrong I was! We worked flat out with only short breaks, it was the most intense training course I’ve had in years. And it was excellent. Ted did a great job of covering a huge amount of information in a digestible way. I really felt it was great value and I learned a huge amount.

Rebecca Woodall, Head of Design, Bluefrog Fundraising

The Equality and Human Rights Commission

Ted delivered fantastic training that was engaging, knowledgeable and easy to follow.

Pete Modral, Senior Digital and Marketing Manager at the Equality and Human Rights Commission

Stafford Tilley

Very thorough and well explained. Ted takes the time to make sure you have followed and understood each stage before he moves on to the next. He welcomes questions and takes the time to answer them fully. During Covid-19 lockdown, Ted has made the move from face-to-face group training to Zoom-based training very efficiently. Having experienced both, I think they were both excellent formats. Ted bonds well with his trainees and takes care to pace the training and break-times so that everyone can maintain their focus and get the most out of the course.

Alison Tilley, Graphic Designer, Stafford Tilley

Local Government Association

I thoroughly enjoyed this virtual workshop. I initially had doubts about using Zoom to deliver the workshop though these were quickly dispersed. Going forward my preference will be to do all workshops by way of Zoom. Ted’s knowledge on the subject of accessibility is amazing. His delivery was pitched at exactly the right level and I felt I could ask questions whenever needed. I left the workshop thoroughly energised and ready to put my new found knowledge into practice.

Jayne Wiberg, Pensions Adviser, Local Government Association

Independent Commission on Civil Aviation Noise (ICCAN)

I found the workshop very informative and enjoyable. I was aware of some accessibility concepts to some degree, but this opened my eyes. I learnt a lot and also saw some aspects in a very new light. As well as learning about accessible documents, I also learnt a lot about how Microsoft Word is set up and some very useful techniques that can be applied in the programme. I enjoyed learning a new way of working and that I came away with a lot of food for thought. I also thought Ted was a very knowledgeable and likeable trainer, and he had some interesting nuggets and stories to share. Ted also kindly agreed to change from a face-to-face class to an online class to accommodate us.

Louisa Guise, Communications Lead, ICCAN

Arts Council of Wales

Ted provided a range of training for Arts Council of Wales staff encompassing creating accessible documents in MS Word and more specialist training for our graphic designer on ensuring accessibility in design packages such as Adobe Acrobat and InDesign. The training he provided has been transformative, leading to the setting up of new templates and  practices within the organisation. We look forward to building on this foundation to make all our published material as accessible as possible for as wide a range of audiences as we can.

Siôn Brynach, Head of Communication, Arts Council of Wales

Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority

Incredibly useful courses. All the elements were explained really clearly and the manuals provided are a great resource.

Danielle Vincent, Communications Manager, Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority

Student Loans Company

A huge thanks to Ted and the team for their ongoing guidance and support as we look to modernise our suite of forms to ensure they are fully accessible now and can be easily maintained for the future. My team and colleagues were not only impressed by the training and support Ted provided, which has equipped them with the technical and theoretical knowledge to drive our programme of changes forward, but by the infectious enthusiasm he displayed as an advocate for accessible design and the good practise which improves inclusion across public services.

Lesley Raybould – Online Services Manager, Student Loans Company


Ted helped us to turn a very complicated document into a fully accessible PDF version. The outcome was great! It was a pleasure working with Ted and we learned a lot through this process about what has to be considered if you want to make your PDF files accessible.

Oliver Neuschaefer, Emergency Coordinator, Christoffel-Blindenmission Deutschland


I have worked with Ted over a number of years, first on creating accessible PDF then moving on to accessible ebooks. I do not know of anyone with a greater wealth of knowledge or experience in these areas. If you are looking for advice, information or training on any of these topics, your first stop should be to talk to Ted.

David Barrett, BT Senior Inclusion and Accessibility Manager

Anybody wishing to know more about accessible PDFs should look no further.

David Barrett, BT Senior Inclusion and Accessibility Manager

The Heritage Lottery Fund

Ted has turned even the most complicated of our application forms into accessible PDFs, on time and within budget.  A first class service!

Joanna Finn, Head of Publishing and Customer Service, Heritage Lottery Fund

Natural Environment Research Council

They’ve quickly, efficiently and cheerfully turned PDFs designed purely for print into ones that a wide range of people can use on the web.

Tom Marshall, Content and engagement manager, Natural Environment Research Council


I was a little daunted at the prospect of a full day’s course on creating accessible PDFs from InDesign, but I needn’t have worried. The process was interesting and thorough covering every aspect in a clear and simple way. The additional materials that you take away are invaluable with step by step instructions to follow. Ted’s experience is excellent and made what at times is a very complex process so much clearer.

The Open University

The ebook training was extremely valuable. We are now well equipped to publish well-structured ebooks that will be flawlessly accessible to our students.

Alison Edwards, Learning Design & Technology, the Open University

The [PDF] training was motivating, inspiring, interesting and informative. Ted’s proven knowledge was delivered in a comfortable manner, with easy explanations helping to engage delegates fully with the subject matter.

Chris Winter, the Open University


Ted’s knowledge and experience in the industry is incredible and so too was his ability to make an otherwise complex subject matter exciting and interesting. Thank you.

Julia Mclellan, CalMac, Digital Content Executive

Citizens Advice

The accessible PDF course was excellent. The training was clearly delivered and tailored to meet our needs. Ted’s experience and knowledge has equipped us with the ability, understanding and confidence to create PDFs in an accessible way.

Nicola Howie, Citizens Advice


Ted delivered Creating Accessible Documents training to staff from a variety of backgrounds and departments in Sense and all found it a really interesting session, which stimulated lots of discussion and made everyone feel more confident about generating documents that will meet the needs of the people we support. We would thoroughly recommend the training to others.

Carol Jamieson, Sense

The Macular Society

Ted’s expertise and experience has saved us from making expensive and time consuming mistakes as well as guiding us to producing great PDFs that everyone can use.

Pete Torkington, the Macular Society (formerly the Macular Disease Society)