Accessible InDesign files

Our track record

We have specialised in accessible InDesign documents for more than 10 years (since InDesign version CS4). We would be happy to retrofit your InDesign files for accessibility. 

Harnessing the power of InDesign and MadeToTag™

If you have documents that need to be updated regularly, such as forms, brochures or timetables, it is likely to be significantly more efficient (and cost-effective) to do the required accessibility work in InDesign, in conjunction with the super-efficient MadeToTag™ InDesign plug-in, rather than in the final exported PDF. Working this way, every time you export an updated version of a document, most, if not all, of the accessibility work will already be done, and will not have to be repeated.

Accessible graphic design

We are accessibility specialists and not graphic designers. However, we can refer you to graphic designers who are former trainees of ours and who are fully up to speed with the accessibility aspects of InDesign, Illustrator and Acrobat. Please contact us for details.


Student Loans Company

“A huge thanks to Ted and the team for their ongoing guidance and support as we look to modernise our suite of forms to ensure they are fully accessible now and can be easily maintained for the future.

“My team and colleagues were not only impressed by the training and support Ted provided, which has equipped them with the technical and theoretical knowledge to drive our programme of changes forward, but by the infectious enthusiasm he displayed as an advocate for accessible design and the good practise which improves inclusion across public services.”

Lesley Raybould – Online Services Manager, Student Loans Company