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This course is an absolute must for any creative agency working with clients in both the public and private sectors to create any publications and all types of forms.

Rachael Wheatley, Director, Waters Creative

Ted is a brilliant trainer and an endless source of knowledge and information – I definitely feel I have learnt more on his training sessions than in all others we've attended put together! As an organisation we have completely transformed how we approach accessibility as a result of Ted’s support and I would 100% recommend for any organisation wanting to ensure the documents they produce are accessible to arrange training with the Accessible Digital Documents company.

Lucy Bentley​, Leonard Cheshire

This workshop was extremly beneficial and in depth. Ted covered everything from basic functions in InDesign, to creating a gold standard accessible PDF. I really appreciate all the time and effort he has put in to his work. I enjoyed Ted's teaching method, as well as how open and receptive to questions and feedback he was during both training sessions. He was willing to answer our questions, and show us how to do tasks that weren't necessarily in the manual. I think this workshop was truly fantastic. I can't say enough how much I valued this experience.

Kayla Cota, Senior Content Specialist, Thomson Reuters