PDF accessibility reading order (reprise)

Once again, I wish I didn't have to keep making this argument but… the idea that PDF accessibility and PDF standards compliance are one and the same, is an opinion, not a fact.

Is Zoom accessible?

We are now offering all four of our PDF accessibility training courses online, using Zoom video conferencing. But is Zoom itself accessible?

Nested lists bug in InDesign 2020

There is a bug in InDesign 2020 which can cause the tags for nested lists to be created incorrectly when exported to PDF. Fortunately, there is an easy enough workaround … [Update, 14 May 2020. This bug has now been fixed with the release of InDesign version 15.03.]

The importance of human judgment in determining adequate colour contrast

When choosing accessible text and background colour combinations, it is important not to rely solely on tools to tell you if you have sufficient contrast. Human judgment should always play a part in the process.…

Accessible continuation sheets in PDF forms, made easy

Failing to alert screen reader users that they have reached the character limit in a form field, and hence that any further text they might type would be lost, could have serious consequences…

(One more time…) a PDF that passes an automated check against standards and an accessible PDF are not the same thing—and the distinction matters

I wish I didn't have to keep making this argument, but…

Accessible PDF links problem in InDesign version 15.01 (InDesign 2020)

There is a problem in the latest version of InDesign which means that any  hyperlinks that you create will not be screen reader accessible when you export to PDF…

Christmas PDF accessibility wish list

Dear JAWS developers,please can we have the means to escape forms mode from within a checkbox in a PDF form? Dear ZoomText Reader developers…

Accessible infographics

This post addresses the five areas that most commonly go wrong in the creation of accessible infographics for publication in PDFs…

One or multiple level 1 headings in PDF?

There are two schools of thought regarding whether you should use one or multiple <H1>s in a PDF. This article examines both sides of the argument.