De-mystifying PDF table summaries

A table summary can greatly enhance the usability of tabular data. It is possible to add an invisible, behind-the-scenes summary to a data table in a PDF. However, your content will be far more effective if you  include table summary texts visibly on the page.

Document formats, accessibility and productivity

My recent conversation with someone at the heart of the UK public sector digital realm ended abruptly when I made the objectively, demonstrably true argument that some content types can be more accessible in non-HTML formats than they can be in HTML.

Ebook accessibility course updated and expanded

We have comprehensively updated and expanded our course in creating, editing and testing accessible ebooks using Adobe InDesign, oXygen, Dreamweaver…

The EU Accessibility Directive becomes UK law

If you work in the public sector and are responsible for creating PDFs for online consumption, you need to be aware that the EU Accessibility Directive comes into force today.

Accessible annual report financial tables

This article sets out some of the most common design and layout problems found in annual report financial tables.

We are now a G-Cloud 10 supplier

The Accessible Digital Documents Company has been successful in its bid to become a G-Cloud 10 supplier, having previously been approved to provide G-Cloud 9 PDF and ebook accessibility services.

Accessible PDF and PDF/UA-compliance are not the same thing

Accessible PDF and PDF/UA compliance are not the same thing. One day they may be, but we are currently a long way from that point.

Our first 10 years

This month we are celebrating 10 years since the founding of the Accessible Digital Documents Company (formerly PWS). The most significant change we have seen in this time has been…

The PDF Formula tag and accessible mathematical expressions

PDF/UA compliance requires the use of a Formula tag for mathematical expressions. However, NVDA does not read content tagged in this way.

PDF links and zoom

This post looks at a further aspect of accessible PDF links that document authors should pay attention to, namely link zoom settings.