Indexing annual reports, how and why

In Australia, the Federal government requires that all annual reports of federal agencies and "non-corporate bodies" include an alphabetical index as an "aid to access". So why not elsewhere (yet)?

PDFAloud or PDF Reader

You should ideally test PDFs for accessibility with at least two assistive technologies. One of those will be a screen reader (JAWS or NVDA). The other is PDF Aloud...

We are now a G-Cloud 12 supplier

The Accessible Digital Documents Company is the UK's longest-established provider of PDF accessibility services...

JAWS bugs in PDF forms

PDF forms are flexible, quick and easy to build, and, provided they are built properly, highly accessible. However, if you are testing a PDF form for accessibility, there are a couple of notable JAWS bugs to be aware of...

Merged table cells, used properly, are an accessibility solution, not a problem

I often hear from organisations who have been advised, for accessibility reasons, to avoid merging cells in tables in PDFs. This advice needs a fair bit of qualification…

German and French translations on this site

From today we will start to publish, as time and resources allow, translations into both French and German of selected content on this site. Over the years we have developed close working relationships with many valued clients in other European countries. No…

Creating assistive-technology-friendly abbreviations in Word and InDesign

Fixing abbreviations to make them intelligible to screen readers and other assistive technologies can add a significant degree of polish to an otherwise accessible PDF …

PDF accessibility reading order (reprise)

Once again, I wish I didn't have to keep making this argument but… the idea that PDF accessibility and PDF standards compliance are one and the same, is an opinion, not a fact.

Is Zoom accessible?

We are now offering all four of our PDF accessibility training courses online, using Zoom video conferencing. But is Zoom itself accessible?

Nested lists bug in InDesign 2020

There is a bug in InDesign 2020 which can cause the tags for nested lists to be created incorrectly when exported to PDF. Fortunately, there is an easy enough workaround … [Update, 14 May 2020. This bug has now been fixed with the release of InDesign version 15.03.]