Dyslexia and the creative mindset—animation film and book

17 November 2017 | Ted Page

Kickstarter has reached its target

Update: We are proud to be backing this project which has now reached its funding target of £12,000.

abstract illustration of dyslexia and the creative mindset

Project description

Dyslexia and the creative mindset is the brainchild of film maker Mark Ashmore. Its aim is to create a series of short animation films and a visual story book to tell 100 stories of finding out about dyslexia and the journey of learning differently.

The book will consist of crowdsourced stories, created by people with dyslexia for people with dyslexia, and will be available as a limited edition hard copy and a free to download accessible PDF. The films will use visual story-telling. The book will use both dyslexia-friendly text and layouts, alongside a visual, illustrated telling of each story.

Both creations will be made available free of charge and will inspire, educate and inform children aged 7 to 14 who have dyslexia, as well as their parents and teachers. 

Project details

You can find out more, and/or back this project on its kickstarter.com web page.

A teacher and 4 children looking at a blackboard on which is written "Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible"
Quotation: Frank Zappa