Creating accessible PDFs from InDesign 2-day Masterclass launched

30 March 2023 | Ted Page

We have recently expanded our Accessible PDFs from InDesign course from 1.5 days to 2 full days. We have done so because there is just too much you need to know in order to cram all of the relevant know-how into just 1.5 days.

The sorts of essential topics you will not get in a shorter course include:

  • How to repair InDesign-generated tables of contents to make them accessible (they are not accessible out of the box).
  • Why auto-generated bookmarks are not accessible (and how to manually create accessible bookmarks in InDesign).
  • How to create fully accessible infographics, including fixing the reading order of any text they contain for literacy software users, both natively in InDesign and also in Adobe Illustrator.
  • How to design accessible table layouts and how to finish tables for accessibility using Acrobat Pro.
  • How to create correctly tagged numbered paragraphs and numbered heading for minutes documents and large reports etc (something that Microsoft Word makes a complete hash of, by the way!).
  • Accessible typography, including what to look for in an accessible font.
  • How to ensure that your documents will work for people with colour blindness, people with dyslexia, screen magnifier users, screen reader users, older people, and others.
  • How to correctly test a PDF for accessibility, including understanding why an automated accessibility checker will tell you no more than 20% of what you need to know about the accessibility of a document.

This course covers all of the above, plus much, much more.

Why this course?

The bottom line is that if you want to make sure that your documents are accessible to a wide range of people, and that you meet the standards your clients will require of you, you will need to put in a solid two days’ work to acquire the relevant know-how.

Each person attending the course will receive in advance an (approximately) 180-page reference manual, covering the entire course content and including numerous screenshots.

Lastly, please note that we offer attractive group rates for groups of up to six people, and can be flexible about the time and duration of sessions for clients in different time zones around the world.