Commissioning accessible PDFs


How do you know if your PDFs are accessible or not? Running them through an automated PDF accessibility checker will tell you only a fraction of what you need to know.

This half-day course provides the information and know-how you will need to successfully commission accessible PDFs. It includes guidance on briefing suppliers and on testing and accurately evaluating the quality of any work done. 

Attending the course will help you meet your legal requirements (including those under the Equality Act, 2010, or Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), 1995 in Northern Ireland) as well as helping to mitigate any reputational risk you may face if your digital content is non-compliant. It will also enable you to ensure that you get good value for money whenever you commission PDF accessibility services.

Please note that no part of the course constitutes legal advice and that specialist legal advice should be taken in relation to concerns about the relevant legislation.

Topics covered

  • Standards and benchmarking: WGAG and PDF/UA
  • Inspecting a PDF 
  • Understanding the limitations of automated testing (Acrobat and PAC)
  • How to test with a screen reader (for non-specialists)
  • How to test with non-screen reader assistive technologies (for non-specialists)
  • Instructing tagging companies
  • Instructing graphic designers/typographers and other content producers (writing effective alt text, colour blindness/colour contrast, table design and much more)


  • Participants: no limit
  • Duration: half a day
  • Prerequisites: none

Course materials

  • Screen reader “cheat sheet”
  • WCAG check list
  • Links to various free tools and other online resources

Terms and conditions

Please see our booking terms and conditions  (PDF, 49KB).

Download Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader DC.

Further information

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