Dolphin SuperNova at the Lightbox

25th September 2017 | by Ted Page

Sight for Surrey showcase

2017 is Dolphin‘s thirtieth anniversary, and to celebrate the company is running a series of exhibitions around the country. As enthusiastic advocates of Dolphin’s SuperNova screen magnifier/reader, we were delighted to take a few hours out to attend one of these events, at the Sight for Surrey showcase at the Woking Lightbox.

See our Facebook page for more on the event.

Testing PDFs for accessibility with SuperNova

SuperNova has grown significantly in popularity in recent years (see chart below from the GOV.UK assistive technology survey 2016). It has also become an important part of our PDF accessibility test set up, alongside JAWS, NVDA, ZoomText, MAGic, Read&Write Gold, and others.

Pie chart showing ZoomText: 57.3%, SuperNova: 23.2%, MAGic: 6.1%, Other: 11%

Why test with a magnifier/reader?

Testing with a screen magnifier/reader is likely to uncover many problems that a screen-reader-only test might miss. For example,  magnifiers are excellent for highlighting accessibility and usability problems in PDF forms (something we do a lot of) and informing various approaches to tagging to overcome those problems. Also, SuperNova is the only major assistive technology to be able to distinguish correctly between Alternate Text and Actual Text attributes in PDFs and to not work properly if you use the wrong attribute (a good thing, at least from a testing point of view).

So happy anniversary, and here’s to the next thirty years!

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