PDF/A accessibility issues

It is widely believed that compliance with PDF/A (the PDF archiving format)  has no negative impact on PDF accessibility. This is broadly correct, but there are a few notable exceptions with respect to colour customisation, footnotes/endnotes, and forms.

NVDA PDF Actual Text bug

There is currently a potentially show-stopping bug in NVDA relating to the use of the Actual Text attribute in PDFs. And, now that SuperNova more or less correctly differentiates between  Actual Text and Alternate Text attributes, there is a practical reason for using each of these attributes correctly.

Cabinet Office correspondence on the EU Accessibility Directive

The Cabinet Office has confirmed to us that the government  intends to incorporate the recently agreed EU Accessibility Directive into UK law, despite the Brexit process. Last October we posted a report about the directive, explaining how the directive aims to make public sector websites, documents,…

Section 508 Refresh and document accessibility

For those with an interest in PDF accessibility, significantly, the refresh of Section 508 incorporates PDF/UA-1 by reference. This is intended to allow compliance with the PDF/UA-1 standard as an alternative to compliance with WCAG 2.0, which is also incorporated by reference in the updated rules.

vBookz PDF Voice Reader for iOS

The vBookz PDF Voice Reader app for iOS is specifically aimed at dyslexic readers, but will also be of interest to others with accessibility. It is also a useful tool for those creating accessible PDFs and looking to go beyond simply testing with screen readers.

New year merger of IDPF and W3C approved

The merger of the IDPF and the W3C seems likely to go ahead in the new year, following an overwhelming vote this month of the IDPF board in favour of combining the two organisations.

GOV.UK assistive technology survey 2016

The results are in for the GOV.UK assistive technology survey, detailing the different types of assistive technology people are using to access the site. They are notable for a number of reasons.

EU Accessibility Directive approved

This week the long-awaited EU accessibility directive was approved by the European Parliament. Its aim is to ensure that websites, documents and apps are accessible to everyone interacting with public sector bodies. Once the directive is in force, public sector organisations across the EU…

Marrakesh Treaty comes into force

With the coming into force of the Marrakesh Treaty on 30 September 2016, accessible format books can now be exchanged across many national borders without the risk of copyright rules being breached. This is a significant moment for anyone in the world of accessible ebooks.

US university loses case after posting inaccessible MOOCs

A major American university offering free but inaccessible MOOCs (massive open online courses) has been found to have broken US law by failing to ensure individuals with disabilities have equal access to course content.